Cooktown travel video guide Queensland Australia

In this Adventure on our drive through North Queensland we venture north of Cairns, up the famous Bloomfield track and visit the destination of Cooktown.

Cooktown is steeped in Australian History and rich in culture so we spent a few days checking out many of the great things to experience in this great Queensland destination.

For further information on what we have featured in this story please visit

The Lions Den Hotel
ph. (07) 4060 3911

Cooktown Orchid Travellers Park
ph. (07) 4069 6400

The Sovereign Resort
(07) 4043 0500

James Cook Museum
p. (07) 4069 5386

Restaurant 1770
p. (07) 4069 5440

Guurrbi Aboriginal Tours
(07) 4069 6043

Apollo Motorhomes
p. 1800 777 779


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