Travel Tips: SE Asia, Drugs, Water, Scams, Ep1

Talking about Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines. Links and resources below. This is not meant to be perfect or cover everything. Just use what works for you. Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. The cover photo is from Makati Manila, Philippines Season 1. B Adventures, Travel Tips Series, Ep(1/11).

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Australian Gov Smart Traveller
Travel reviews and resources

Canon IXUS Camera used, review video below.

Travel Tips Series:
Episodes 1-3: General & Practical Tips on Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines.
Episodes 4-6: Smart Phones, Bank & Credit Cards, Cash, Wallets, Photo ID, Hotels, Travel Visas.
Useful tools, clothing, bags, cameras, electronics.
Episodes 7-11: Sharing Travel Experiences in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines.

I have permission to use this music from the following artist, and credited below:
“Groovy Baby” by Jason Shaw

B Adventures, Australian Travel Vlogger (video blog) sharing my experiences in South East Asia.


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