Tsitsikamma Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about nature park Tsitsikamma in South-Africa.
One half of the Tsitsikamma Park is located in South Africa’s Western Cape and the other in the Eastern Cape. During Europe’s winter months many of the world’s 830 bird species migrate to South Africa and it’s not unusual to come across a meadow that contains hundreds of eye-catching storks and anything from a pygmy shrew that weighs only a few ounces to the elephant that weighs several tons.20,000 varieties of plants, about 10% of all the plants in the world, grow in South Africa and of these, 8000 are to be found in the Cape region. Tsitsikamma is the country’s first National Marine Park, its 65,000 hectares including an 80-kilometre coastline. With 24,000 varieties of flowering plants, South Africa breaks all records. Many kinds of Cape flora have found their way to Europe, such as the geranium, lily and gladioli. The park contains an abundance of cacti of all shapes and sizes and an amazing 600 varieties of heather. Following the coastline is the narrow footpath of the Waterfall Trail, an impressive route that leaves an indelible impression. This section of the Cape region is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. For some time, Tolkien lived in Knysna and while visiting this region was inspired to write his world famous novel, The Lord of the Rings. The ancient forests captivate far less poetically ambitious people than Tolkien as each visitor becomes totally immersed in this green fairytale world and soon nurtures a special respect for it. And, who knows, if one looks very closely, perhaps a goblin or a fairy will appear from behind a fern! Well laid-out, easy to cover, and yet unique. The Tsitsikamma National Park provides its visitors with a remarkable blend of tranquillity and adventure.

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